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We are extremely thankful to our keynote speakers Dr Radu Mutihac for starting the session and his keynote speech at the Brain Disorders 2021 on the title 'Connectomics for Diagnostics of Some Brain Disorders'. He started the day with so much enthusiasm and productivity with his research and findings that the whole day 1 followed suit. Soon after the talk of our first keynote speaker the day was followed by Dr. Kalliopi Megari who presented her keynote speech at 'Could Chemo Fog Lead to Brain Dysfunction in Cancer Patients?', and blessed with her knowledge in the subject. Though, it was quite an early morning 07:45 AM for a keynote speech in Romania and Greece but our keynote speakers Dr Radu Mutihac and Dr. Kalliopi Megari did not let us feel the discomfort. Soon after a short break we were honoured by presence of Dr. Daniel Zielonka, who was Chairing the session on 'Novel attempts for Huntington's Disease' and presented a noteworthy talk on 'Novel Therapies in Huntington's Disease' along with three of this learned colleagues Dr. Michal Mielcarek with the presentation on the title 'Skeletal Muscle Pathology in Huntington’s Disease – Implication for Therapeutic Approach', Grzegorz Witkowski who presented a talk on 'What We Know About Huntington’s Disease from Neuroimaging Studies' and Dr Natalia Szejko made sure that her scheduled slot must not go unattended and submitted a video presentation to be played in her absence in case. Though we played her video presentation on the title 'Neuropsychiatric Biomarkers of Huntington’s Disease' she was able to take out some time from her busy schedule to answer every queries. The only thing was lacking here was question answer session after every presentation. We will do our best to make sure the attendees have ample time after the presentation for discussion and question and answer. Then after the second break, we were joined by Dr. Erna Marina Kusuma. During her introduction, it was discovered that she had gone through a challenging childhood since the age of two but ultimately proved her mettle and emerged as a winner. She presented her research and findings on the title 'Effectiveness of Nerve Activation to Language Ability and Concentration on Children'. Then we had the last speaker for the day Dr. Sima Sayyahmelli. In order to keep a fantastic balance between her family and the Scientific life, she made sure ate send a video presentation and played on her behalf. She remained present throughout her video presentation on the title 'First reported case of Lactobacillus rhamnosus ventriculitis; likely a probiotic-induced infection'. To sum it up, the first day of the Brain Disorder made a note with the great efforts from our respected speakers. Hope they stay by our side forever and keep giving us this opportunity to serve them an honest platform. We request your support and feedback to identify our mistakes and shortcomings so that may keep evolving. Thank you for your presence on Day 1. Hope to perform even better every next time.

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